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Strategy of the Warlords Part 1

Tony Aguilar commented on my last blog entry about the new Japanese TV show, which roughly translated would be Strategy of the Warlords. Tony asked for more information about who was being featured on the show, so I had my beautiful wife do some wargamer research for me. She translated the Japanese and I figured out what the heck it translated too in our DBA history terms lol. Many Japanese names for things are pretty different from what we call it, even translated, so it took a bit of work but we have now compiled the list of the two most recent shows and the upcoming broadcasts.  (Please note I created the graphic above as the show guards its images and video aggressively. Their artwork is quite a bit more impressive than my own Photoshop efforts 😉

So, here is a listing of what battles they featured in the most recent two aired shows:

Takeda Shingen vs Uesugi Kenshin (20 Years after DBA Book IV/59)

In case you don’t know these guys, they’re very well-known Samurai commanders who faced each other a number of times at the battle of Kawanakajima. In the fourth meeting in 1561, they had a very famous encounter where Shingen had to defend himself against a mounted Kenshin with only his command fan. Here is a bronze statue from the Kawankajima (different linked website) area, which is in Nagano Prefecture:

Shingen (Left) Defends Himself vs Kenshin Bronze Statue

This combat meeting has been the fodder for countless movies in Japan and elsewhere.  Here are a few pictures that relate to the Kawanakajima battles:

Shrine at site of Battle of Kawanakajima

Battle of Kawanakajima 1561 AD

And if that doesn’t satiate your Takeda Shingen vs Uesugi Kenshin, here are a couple of videos from Japanese YouTube:

This second one is a reenactment of the incident between the two held as a festival in the area in Japan. Good stuff!

3 Kingdoms Chinese (DBA Book II/63)

The previous show on the TV Show Strategy of the Warlords on NHK, was about the 3 Kingdoms Chinese which the show listed the dates from 180 AD – 280 AD. I know precious little about this period of history. Heck for that matter I don’t know much about Chinese history in general. DBA has been the only reason I’ve been introduced to any of it. I do find the images fascinating. There is no shortage of TV shows, movies, comics and video games about this period!

The DBA army looks very sound, and a lot of fun to play. I especially like it has an Arty element that can be fielded. I’m loathe to field any army anymore, which does NOT allow for an arty piece in the game! 😉

Here are a few wonderful images from this period of colorful Chinese history:

And whoever this cat is with the long beard, he’s obviously somebody famous he’s all over the place when you look this period up. I’m sure you Chinese history buffs would know this instantly. Alas, I don’t but here’s a pic:

Anyone make Figures for these dudes?

And here is a movie poster for a flick about this period which came out recently:

And there have been plenty of fun, ridiculous and some newer really cool movies about this period:

About one minute into this next one you can see guys wearing a hat with an arrow through it, just like Steve Martin used to wear. Priceless! lol Still, I’m pretty intrigued now!

In Part 2 of this post, I will go over the next four shows for Strategy of the Warlords. There are a couple of famous guys from the Mediterranean and a couple more from Japan History. Stay tuned for Part 2 of Strategy of the Walords! Same Bat Channel, Same Bat Time!


3 responses

  1. Tony Aguilar

    Very cool Musashi. This post hits very close to home.

    Two good choices for the episodes BTW. I based my Samurai army (the DBA version, not the DBA-RRR version) on the Osprey Kawanakajima Book. If you happen to have it, you will recognize the sashimonos on my figures are from Uesugi Kenshin’s troops.

    As far as the 3 Kingdom Chinese go, it just happens to be the army I will use in the Open at Hurricon. (Hint, Hint) I will at some point in the near future build these guys although I will need to do some converting. I saw Red Cliff on Netflix a couple of weeks ago. (I wasn’t THAT impressed) I am a big fan of Koei’s video games, namely the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series. As a matter of fact, I just picked up Dynasty Warriors 6 and Samurai Warriors 2 last weekend and have been playing them this week. (instead of painting!) Alhough these games are over the top and makes “wire-fu” seem realistic, they are fun as heel and have some great music to go with them!

    Links to the sites for both games here:


    August 13, 2010 at 5:30 am

    • Yes, I’ve seen your Post-Mongol Samurai Army on your blog. They look super of course. I would have thought that as a purist you would have not succumbed to the fun of painting up units dating after the DBA book timeframe but I know you intend for them to do double duty. Still, I get to dig at you in jest! Actually I should thank you for the Samurai Peter Pig figures. Giles on Fanaticus saw this army of yours, purchased and painted his own and just sent me his extra figures he had around for just the shipping from Tokyo, where he is located. Kinda fun getting the Peter Pig Samurai figs sent from Japan lol. So, you’re the roundabout patron of that windfall.

      The banners of the Sengoku period are all so fun and robust that you could literally make dozens of DBA armies painted up to represent different daimyo and still not get bored! Kenshin had a number of mon and other battle standards. I see you chose his blue flag with sun pattern, but there was also his Bi kami flag, the Dragon character banner, and the more usual birds in bamboo.

      I think once my pre-samurai are done…..two different looks for both A and B lists, I might start getting serious about the Sengoku period and paint up a large number of different historically accurate armies. The fact that they can fight each other makes it all the more appealing. I can think of nothing more glorious than to field nothing but Japanese armies on the DBA battlefield! There are some excellent 25MM figures for the Sengoku period (Kingsford, Perry), but so far, it seems the Peter Pig 15’s are the best I’ve seen. Do you know of any other good 15mm Japanese?

      The 3 Kingdoms are nicely partitioned in their combined arms type and that arty looks awfully juicy to me. I’m glad you fessed up to painting them….I seriously doubt anyone is going to work too hard to come up with a counter, although I know the surprise factor is always fun with the ooh and aaahs…of your nice paint jobs!

      August 13, 2010 at 12:43 pm

  2. Tony Aguilar

    Well the 3 Kingdom Chinese will be morphed for now, but I do plan on doing them. Peter Pig are the best 15mm Samurai I have seen, especially because of the variety and the cast-on sashimonos. I have the Old Glory 15mm Daimyo set which has a dozen of the main characters.

    August 13, 2010 at 1:21 pm

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