DBA Gaming and Military History-By Musashi

Trojan DBA Army Project (I/26b Later Mycenaean & Trojan War)

Hector and Andromache, Helen and Paris

Having just finished my Skythian LH Army, I have moved on to my next project: DBA I/26b Later Mycenaean & Trojan War. I/26b is the Trojan side of the equation. The figures are an Essex Army pack which as usual, has been sitting around for a very long while. I have about 6 armies sitting around waiting to get painted. I saw some naked”ish” guys in this army and suddenly got motivated to paint them. Well, that and Marty Schmidt’s Littoral Landing which twisted my little brain into a pretzel inspired me to paint up a Littoral army. The Trojans are aggression 1, which should help in actually having a Littoral landing at some point.

Littoral landings are quite a different tactical puzzle to solve and due to that large concern becoming familiar with it, this army should help me get up to speed! My undergraduate degree focused on Mycenaean History as well so this was a natural army for me to paint up. Well, Achaean might have been closer to home, but at an aggression rating of four this one is more likely to give me the Littoral experience I desire. At some point, I will paint up the Achaeans and have both sides of the Homeric epic!

I painted up and flocked the one base of 3 blade here:

The Lone 3 blade element in it's coppery glory!

By the way, the army is composed of this:

1 x LCh//4Bd (Gen), 3 x LCh//4Bd, 4 x 4 Sp, 1 x 3 Ax, 1 x 4 Sp or 3 Bd (I went for the 3 Blade as you can see in the picture) and 2 x 2 Ps to keep Tony Aguilar happy!

I like the army doesn’t have too many options. The extra spear element did come in the Essex Army Pack so I will paint it up as well just in case. The other thing this army does for me is to provide the first dismounted units I’ve ever had. At this point, I’m interested in armies which can help me learn new things. That is no doubt why my very next project will be my Pre-Samurai Army because I’m pretty clueless about shooters in general. Everyone always says it’s one of the more obtuse parts of the rules. I’ve either purposefully or by accident never fielded an army with that many bow. The b list for the Pre-Samurai army also has Artillery which will really provide lots of shooter issues! 😉

Here is one last picture of a few of my newly primed and prepared Trojan Army figures!

Let's Get ready to Rumble!

And I will leave you with a passage from the Iliad, as the Achaean Patroclus fatally wounds the Trojan Sarpedon, Sarpedon says,

“My name will haunt you henceforth and for ever if the Achaeans rob me of my armour now that I have fallen at their ships”.

Death closed his eyes as he spoke. Patroclus planted his heel on his breast and drew the spear from his body, whereon his senses came out along with it, and he drew out both spear-point and Sarpedon’s soul at the same time.

–Samuel Butler translation Book XVI

[VIMEO 1018647]

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