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Kardwell Casino Quality Dice & Dice Cup

Ok folks, so I finally ordered my much ballyhooed Precision Casino Dice. After much research and a phone call to Kardwell International I decided that they were the best source for NEW precision casino dice.

The contents of my order unpacked from the box

When you are purchasing Precision Casino Dice you have to make sure that you are purchasing NEW from the same factory as supplies US Casinos to ensure you are not getting canceled dice or substandard dice. That would completely defeat the entire purpose of paying money for the enhanced accuracy of precision dice. After quite a bit of searching, I am very happy to be able to fully recommend Kardwell. They sell individual pairs and stick of 5 dice in a foil wrapper in many colors. The red and tangerine with flush dots are $6.00 a pair. The other colors are $7.00 a pair. All of the colors sound interesting to me, but especially Amber, Light Blue and Dark Red.

The "Las Vegas" Style Dice cup comes with 6 basic white dice-NOT precision dice!

As you can see from the picture I included above, I also ordered the “Las Vegas” style dice cup. It isn’t real leather, but looks decent and it is lined nicely with a ribbed edge which will help prevent the dice from just being rolled out without any gyrations.

Plain White Dice vs. Red Precision Casino Dice

Boy a picture is worth a thousand words isn’t it? The cheap basic white dice look like impostors when stacked up next to those 3/4″ Casino dice. The quality difference, even just visually is stunning! I could break out some measurement tools and measure how NOT square the normal white dice are, but there is no need. You can see the vast difference in construction quality with the naked eye!

Right out of the foil wrapper, I was IMMEDIATELY impressed with the look and quality feel of the casino dice. I was well rewarded for my search of a solid source (Kardwell) and in choosing the basic red as my first color. I really love the color and it gives the basic die color with Flush Spots to compare when I order more colors and possibly other pip decoration style.


Click on that picture I took of the single red die! It’s an amazing looking die, so nicely constructed. I’ve never ordered or understood the importance of Casino quality dice before I began this journey of knowledge regarding the dice we use in gaming. So, I’m quite impressed finally seeing the genuine article!

The New Family

The dice cup is the other pretty important piece to my desire to get to die rolling heaven. It isn’t the best dice cup, but it was fairly inexpensive and will suit my needs until I can convince the dispenser of funds to release some greenbacks for a thick leather model. The dice cup is large enough to shake this 3/4″ die but I would still rather have more room. Kardwell sells a jumbo sized dice cup which I wish I had pony’d up the money for now. It would have made the act of shaking the die more dynamic. As I said though, this Vegas style one is decent and looks good.

So, for any of you fence sitters out there, I can without any reservation completely recommend Kardwell’s Casino Quality Dice. Gorgeous!

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