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28mm Norse Viking Painting Begun DBA III/40a

I dusted off my 28mm Viking Army last night. I still firmly believe that DBA is best played with 25/28mm figures. It is the beauty of the game that you can play a game with so few elements (12) and therefore, quite an insignificant number of total figures to field an army. It is this ability to put together many armies that has kept us all interested for so long. I find 28’s easier to paint. Many people say they’re worried their painting has to be  up to a better level and therefore scares them to paint. I say hooey on that!

I’m a long way from even a better than average painter. 28’s are simply easier to paint even for us hacker types. I suppose in the end, I want to paint them well enough to be proud to field them, but in the end I want to play with these figures not just look at them.

I happen to have at least enough of these 28mm Viking figures to make 3 DBA armies. I only have blade type elements. I think I purchased them from a dealer at Historicon in 1994. I have no idea what manufacturer. Maybe someone else knows? I’d love to know!

I just started this evening. I think I will work on one stand at a time at first, and then maybe I’ll move to two stands at a time after that.

Here are a  couple of pics of my start. They are in varying states of completion:

They are fearsome looking aren't they?

By Odin, I will chop off your head!

This one is totally unrelated, but here is one of my beautiful wife Yukiko and one of our cats, Taiyo, who like me is super in love with her:

Yukiko and Taiyo

Ok, back to wargaming lol.

There are some absolutely wonderful 28mm Figures out there, and more specifically some gorgeous 28mm Vikings. I will probably order a few for the command stand for this DBA I will be painting. I have figures which work well for a command stand but one or two of these super from Gripping Beast figures might make their way into the army:

The DBA III/40a list can be 12 elements of blade, which is what I’m going to do (mainly because that’s what I own). It is the only sublist of Vikings that is an aggression of 4! The years listed are 790-849AD. This is handy also to me as I love the story of Ragnar LodBrok. Really fun story so feel free to click on the link there. It will take you to a brief Wiki article.

Gripping Beast makes a Ragnar figure, which is the one I might order to stick in my army:

Gripping Beast's Ragnar Lodbrok

Of course I can’t paint to that level, but I’m sure I could make it look good enough, again, for me to be proud to field on our DBA table.

The other main thing that has me interested in playing with 28mm’s for DBA is the 28mm DBA crowd has just ignored the 2.2 rule Phil put in reducing the size of the playing board. For the first versions of the game, a 48″ board was called for. This goes back to my assertion that WADBAG has it right; the 15mm DBA board size should be 30″, NOT 24″. I am going to play in 30″ boards whenever I can when playing 15mm. But another solution is to paint and play with 28mm and just use the standard 48″ board.

The larger scale DBA’ers just ignored the reduced size that came up in the new DBA version and I think the 15mm crowd should just do the same with the too small 24″ board!



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