DBA Gaming and Military History-By Musashi

DBA Results


Huzzah! 2nd Annual DBA Open Tournament Ashburn Virginia May 21, 2011 (USA)

Time: Starts at noon
Entry: $5.00
Door prizes provided by Corvus Belli

1 – Frank Popecki I/1 Early Sumerian
2 – Mike Guth III/12 Christian Nubian
3 – Tom Black II/78 Late Imperial Roman
4 – Josh Cruciotti II/56 Early Imperial Roman
5 – Sean Donnelly II/54a Scots-Irish
6 – Al Ohtren III/75 Konstantinian Byzantine
7 – Jan Spoor III/45 Pre Feudal Scots
7 – Chris Bloch II/33 Polybian Roman

The Reactor DBA with a twist in Canberra May 22, 2011(AUS)

Canberra Kriegspielers
Presents “The Reactor” Where New DBA Elements Are Forged – DBA With A Twist.
Venue : Austrian Australian Club – Heard St – Mawson ACT
Time : 10:00 AM for player breifing
Format: A standard open tournament – players use a single 12 element army against all comers.
The House Rules for Pavisiers 8Pv and Relics Rc will be in play – see the two threads in the House Rules section of Fanaticus for More Details
Dismounting elements may do so throughout the game but dismounting cannot be a group move.

Prizes offered for 1st through 3rd in the open division
–> Minor Trophies – Major Placings Excluded from Winning <–
1st and 2nd Juniors (numbers permitting)
The Executioner Award – Most Kills in a Single Game
The Magister Militum Prize (aka the Maurice) for the highest adjusted score The Mithradates Trophy for Landwaster Veterans – greatest improvent in placing from their best previous Landwaster placing.

This is the third Tournament in the ACT’s circuit of four tournaments for the Eureka Miniatures Magister Militum Per Capitoline Territorialis – one more try for those out for the main chance. A good showing at Landwaster will make the road to final victory that much easier.

The final standings

1. Doug Melville III/72b Communal Italian 44
2. Stephen Vassalo III/8 Central Asian City States 40
3. David Phillips II/3 Classical Indian 39
4. Mark Baker I/58 Meroitic Kushite 38
5. David Osborne I/60b Later Acheamenid Persian 36
6. Greg Kelleher I/50 Lydian 36
7. Michael Geld II/81b Sub Roman British 34
8. Steve Jones I/1b Early Sumerian 31
9. Brenton Searle III/64 Nikephorian Byzantine 30
10. Chris Burg I/27 Early Hebrew 30
11. Jason Dickie IV/7 Early Crusader 29
12. Leigh Dunn IV/74 Free Company 26
13. Jon Willacy I/60a Later Acheamenid Persian 24
14. Andrew Ford II/28d Sub Roman British 23
15. David Lonsdale II/78a Later Imperial Roman (West) 17

Editors Note: This was taken from a thread on Fanaticus posted by Macbeth commenting on the event.

“It was a pretty successful competition all up – with a total of 15 entries turning up on the day, only one of the expected players failed to show and we assume was taken up by the rapture.

Relics and Pavisiers figured prominently and I won’t pretend that there weren’t problems. Some confusion about shooting factors for 8Pv occurred in the early games and a lot of obsession about the possiblilty of scarily stacking up the support factors was aired at the start – but like the double support of Ps and Sp against Kn such facors are possilbe but hard to achieve, even harder for Relics since they cannot move into contact.

In the end there must have been some good in the new elements because the event was taken out by Communal Italian with both types in play, and the Magister Militum Prize was taken by the Early Hebrews hefting their Relic.

We were blest with numerous fanatici on the day

Doug, MarkBB, Gregorius, Memnon, Scipio, Titus Pullo and Andrew Ford were all there.

It was perhaps the most exciting final round we have had in years, after Doug Melville beat David Phillips in round 5, putting 1st place within reach of a number of generals depending on how the round 6 results fell.

The Magister Militum Prize went to Chris Burg and his Early Hebrews, boosted specifically by a victory over the Free Company.
Steve Jones won the Executioner Award for killing 5 elements in battle with the Hebrews


DBA Northern Cup 2011 (UK)

HMGS-Midsouth Nashcon DBA Open Tournament May 28, 2011 (USA)

Hosted by David Crenshaw. Painted army prize of Post Mongol Russians courtesy of Paul Potter.

Craig Hebert – Medeival French – 93 points – Painted Essex Post Mongol Russians

Bill Banks – Selucid – 65 points – 2nd Place Essex DBR Polish

Ron Seaney – Medieval French – 62 points – 3rd place Essex Sarmatians

Tom Thomas – Medieval French – 47 points

Steve McBee – Greaco-Bactrian – 41 points

Gray Strickland – Bosporan – 39 points

Mike Colmen – Later Swiss – 39 points

Tommy Thomas the younger – Italian Communal? – 14 points

Bob Kelso – Qara Khitan – dropped out after 3rd round with 18 points

Bob Gunter – Early Polish – dropped out after 3rd round with 15 points

Terry Webb – Feudal French – dropped out after 3rd round with 14 points

Catherine Thomas – War of the Roses – stayed to the bitter end, playing a consolation match with me in which she stomped me roundly to pay me back for the awful initial match up with which I started her!



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